Minions in the Social Media Market

Perfect example of the type of opportunity social media can present to companies. This could have been a great opportunity to for Tic Tac to position itself as a customer-centric brand and gain a lot of new customer advocates and promoters. Big Revenue/Marketing loss.

Social Humming Bird


The idea started with Lukeytoons. He designed tic tacs in the form of minions from the movie:  “Despicable Me”!  This picture was sent around the world through a range of Social Media Platforms and of course there was A LOT of interest for the product.

Some people wrote to Tic Tac to ask them when their new product line was to be release.  They replied:  ‘What product line are you referring to?’  Of course, customers soon informed them of this photograph that hit a viral market epidemic.  Tic Tac replied, and made it known, that this is not a product of theirs and they do not see them making such product in the foreseeable future.

It is interesting when businesses around the world are still recovering from the GFC, and then an opportunity like this is presented to a company whom then turns it down.  Of course, there are many…

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